A7 - Auktionen und Wettbewerb

Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel

Robustness of Bidder Preferences Among Auction Institutions (with Tim Salmon)

Economic Inquiry, forthcoming (2008)

Frank Riedel, Elmar Wolfstetter

Immediate Demand Reduction in Multi-Unit Auctions

Economic Theory, Volume: in press, 2005

Keywords: Simultaneous Ascending Auction, weak dominance, multi– unit auctions, game theory
JEL classification: D44, D45
together with A6

Elmar Wolfstetter

Procurement of Goods and Services. Scope and Government

S. Qi and X. Li (eds.), Corporate Governance, Firm Performance and Economic Growth, Economic Science Press, 2006

Yvan Lengwiler, Elmar Wolfstetter

Corruption in Procurement Auctions

Dimitri, N. and G. Piga and G. Spagnolo (eds.), Handbook of Procurement: Theory and Practice for Managers, Cambridge University Press, 2006, Pp 412-429

Werner Güth, Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Sigve Tjotta

Please, Marry Me! An Experimental Study of Risking a Joint Venture

Metroeconomica, Volume: 55, 2004, Pp 1-21

Keywords: family bargaining, experiment
JEL classification: J12, C91

Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Doron Sonsino

Comparative Study of One-Bid versus Two-Bid Auctions

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume: 54, 2004, Pp 109-131

Keywords: sealed-bid private-value auctions, experiments
JEL classification: D44, C91

Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Tim Salmon

Bidder Preferences among Auction Institutions

Economic Inquiry, Volume: 42, 2004, Pp 223-236

Keywords: bidder preferences, private values, sealed bid auctions, ascending auctions
JEL classification: C91, D44

Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Tim Salmon

Entry Fees and Endogenous Entry in Electronic Auctions

Electronic Markets, Volume: 14, 2004, Pp 170-177

Keywords: bidder preferences, private values, sealed bid auctions, ascending auctions, endogenous entry
JEL classification: C91, D44

Radosveta Ivanova - Stenzel, Doron Sonsino

Experimental Internet Auctions with Random Information Retrieval

Experimental Economics, Volume: 9, 2006

JEL classification: C9, D4, D8

Werner Güth, Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Sabine Kröger

Procurement Experiments with Unknown Costs of Quality

Pacific Economic Review, forthcoming

Keywords: reverse auction, procurement, experiment
JEL classification: C72, C91, D44, D82

Siri Pettersen Strandenes, Elmar Wolfstetter

Efficient (Re-)Scheduling: An Auction Approach

Economics Letters, Volume: 89, 2005, Pp 187–192

Keywords: Auctions, Rationing
JEL classification: D44, D45

Yvan Lengwiler, Elmar Wolfstetter

On Some Auction Rules for Amicable Divorce in Equal Share Partnerships

T. Beschorner and T. Eger (eds.), Das Ethische in der Ökonomie: Festschrift für Hans Nutzinger, Metropolis Verlag, 2005, Pp 199-212

JEL classification: D44

Werner Güth, Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Elmar Wolfstetter

Bidding Behavior in Asymmetric Auctions: An Experimental Study

European Economic Review, Volume: 49, 2005, Pp 1891–1913

Keywords: Sealed bid auctions; Asymmetric bidders; Private-independent values; Experiments
JEL classification: D44, C91

Tim Grebe, Timofey Mylovanov, Julia Schmid , Andreas Stiehler

Do Individuals Recognize Cascade Behavior of Others? - An Experimental Study

Journal of Economic Psychology, forthcoming, 2007

Thomas Giebe, Elmar Wolfstetter

License Auctions with Royalty Contracts for (Winners and) Losers

Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming, 2007

Elmar Wolfstetter, Cuihong Fan

Procurement with Costly Bidding, Optimal Short Listing, and Rebates

Economics Letters, forthcoming, 2007

F. Riedel, Elmar Wolfstetter

Immediate Demand Reduction in Simultaneous Ascending Bid Auctions: A Uniqueness Result

Economic Theory, Volume: 29(3), 2006, Pp 721-726

C. Becker, R. Bierhals, K. Blind, S. Ekert, Thomas Giebe, Tim Grebe, Elmar Wolfs

Effizienzsteigerung bei der FuE-Projektförderung durch wettbewerbliche Vergabeverfahren unter Berücksichtigung des Nachfrageverhaltens der Unternehmen nach Fördermitteln

Gutachten für das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi), 2004

Thomas Giebe, Tim Grebe, Elmar Wolfstetter

How to allocate R&D (and other) Subsidies: An Experimentally tested Policy Recommendation

Research Policy, Volume: 35 (9), 2006, Pp 1261-1272

Veronika Grimm, Frank Riedel, Elmar Wolfstetter

The Third Generation (UMTS) Spectrum License Auction in Germany

Illing, G. and U. Klüh (eds.), Spectrum Auctions and Competition in Telecommunications, MIT Press, 2004, Pp 223-246

together with A6

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