Dear SFB-members,

we would like to cordially invite you to attend the SFB
sponsored conference on "Strategic Information Acquisition
and Transmission" in Munich on November 21-22. Below
please find a list of confirmed speakers and participants.

In case you are interested in attending, please notify us
via email at <>.
Also, please let us know if you need assistance in finding


Sven Rady and Paul Heidhues

Confirmed Speakers:

Bergemann, Dirk "Private bids and information disclosure
in Auctions" with Johannes Hörner

Blume, Andreas "Rational Multi-Agent Search" with April
Franco and Paul Heidhues

Gossner, Oliver tba

Hörner, Johannes "Collaborating (with Alessandro Bonatti)"

Keller, Godfrey "Strategic Experimentation with Poisson
Bandits" (with Sven Rady)

Murto, Pauli "Learning and Information Aggregation in an
Exit Game" (with Juuso Välimäki)

Solan, Eilon "Bandit Problem with Levy Processes" (with
Nicolas Vieille)

Squintani, Francesco "Patent Rights and Innovation
Disclosure" (with Hugo Hopenhayn)

Strulovici, Bruno "Voting and Experimentation"

Vieille, Nicolas "Strategic Information Exchange in
Repeated Games" (with Eilon Solan)

Wiseman, Thomas "A Partial Folk Theorem for Games with
Private Learning"

Confirmed Discussants:

Heidhues, Paul

Klein, Nicolas

Krähmer, Daniel

Rady, Sven

Välimäki, Juso

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