Tutzing 2013, Papers

Asseyer, Andreas

Procurement Contracts with Hidden Investments and Endogenous Contracting Time

Bester, Helmut

Subjective Evaluation versus Public Information

Budde, Jörg

Verifiable and Nonverifiable Information in a Two-Period Agency Problem

Eckel, Carsten

CATs and DOGs

Englmaier, Florian

Electoral cycles in savings bank lending

Fiocco, Raffaele

The strategic value of partial vertical integration

Lang, Matthias

Legal Uncertainty - an Effective Deterrent in Competition Law?

Maier, Johannes

Reference-Dependent Risk Preferences of Higher Orders

Morath, Florian

The taxation of bilateral trade with endogenous information

Rudyk, Ilja

The License of Right, Compulsory Licensing and the Value of Exclusivity

Schmidt, Klaus

Pay What You Want as a Marketing Strategy in Monopolistic and Competitive Markets

Schymik, Jan

Trade, Technologies and the Talent Organization

Siedlarek, Jan-Peter

Making Friends Meet - Network Formation with Introductions

Stahl, Konrad

Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Anonymous Markets

Strausz, Roland

Ex post information rents and disclosure in sequential screening

Tarasov, Alexander

Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure

Tröger, Thomas

Transparency or Opaqueness: The Optimal Design of Signals

von Thadden, Ernst-Ludwig

Stock Market Returns, Corporate Governance and Capital Market Equilibrium

Wang, Chengsi

A Model of Dynamic Public Goods Contribution: Group-Size Effect

Winter, Joachim

Plan selection in Medicare Part D: Evidence from administrative data

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